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Our press partners bring their expertise and rigor to the content. We guarantee a rigorous editorial content and high quality. Before publication, the special reports and supplements are still subject to validation.

Depending on the target and the type of campaign, other media partnerships can be established in order to best meet your needs.


International scientific news

The various editions of Scientific American popularize and put into perspective news on science and technology, by considering them in their economic context and social issues. The reputation of the authors and quality of the news items has ensured the prestige and influence of Scientific American since 1845. Scientific American is also distributed in 15 countries.

• Readership: scientists
                          opinion formers,
                          actors in innovation
                          and progress
• Frequency: monthly
• Print run: USA (450,000),
                     Europe (English version) (140,000),
                     Germany (112,000),
                     Italy (77,000),
                     Spain (25,500)
• Facebook page : 2,400,000 likes
• Monthly visits: 7.2 million

Non-specialist scientific news

All domains of science, including space, life sciences, through to technology and basic research. Sciences et Avenir affirms its determination to initiate a reflection on current themes and to inform readers of the latest discoveries, new technologies... Sciences et Avenir creates a culture necessary to understand, predict and act.

• Readership: general public
• Frequency: monthly
• Print run: 335,000
• Facebook page : 1,300,000 likes
• Monthly visits: 1.8 million

The News Research

The magazine Pour la Science - French edition of Scientific American - has been a reference for over 30 years for international scientific information. It offers feature articles in all fields : astrophysics, physics, mathematics, biology, palaeontology ... Clear and accessible articles are authored by leading international experts.

• Readership: scientists, engineers
                          and students
• Frequency: weekly
• Print run: 55,000
• Monthly visits: 250,000

A Reference psychology
and neuroscience

Every months, Cerveau & Psycho publishes with clarity and seriousness for better understanding brain functions and human behaviour. The magazine provides news and feature articles written by researchers worldwide on advances in neurobiology, behavioural psychology, psychiatry, etc.

• Readership: health professionals
                          (doctors, psychologists,
                          life science researchers,
                          speech therapists,
                          the world of education ...)
• Frequency: monthly
• Print run: 60,000
• Facebook page : 592,500 likes
• Monthly visits: 250,000

International reference of psychology and neuroscience

MIND is an American popular science magazine on psychology and neuroscience. The magazine introduces a new reflection on cognitive sciences, and describes the biggest breakthroughs in these areas. The authors address every facet of our behaviour - from stress management to how our memory works - for the readers to take concrete action.

• Readership: health professionals
• Frequency: bimonthly
• Print run: 160,000

Popularisation and mathematics knowledge

A unique magazine for mathematical culture accessible to all, Tangente is printed every two months to spread light on the world and its relationship with mathematics. Tangente offers readers the possibility to see mathematics interacting with art, literature, history, as well as research for practical applications...

• Readership: scientists, teachers
                          and students
• Frequency: monthly
• Print run: between 15,000
                     and 50,000
                     depending on the edition