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the most stringent requirements

A wide range of visibility,
from the general public
to the academic and
industrial communities

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or international impact


Founded by journalists, researchers, publishing and event specialists who have worked with the largest media, culture and science popularization organisations. L’agence Ody.C carries out content editorial and organises custom events for businesses and government agencies in the fields of science, technology and health.

To analyze your needs and meet your expectations, a team of science journalists and experts will be assembled specifically for each project. Always working to the highest standards, they supply the depth and perspective to your research work, innovations and ideas by assimilating them into current debate, major technological and industrial challenges and societal issues.

Depending on the desired impact, content can be published at the heart of our press partner’s target audience in publications (print + online) that are among the most prestigious science-news magazines in France, Europe and worldwide.